Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bigfoot Found?

I saw this article on today. Two men are claiming that they have a body of a "big foot." Now, this would be real cool. It would be the first real evidence that can be scientifically examined and verified. I'm all for finding a bigfoot or an alien but so far the only "evidence" anyone can produce are blurry photos and sketchy eyewitness accounts. This is not sufficient for their extraordinary claims.

Here are my predictions:
1. This is a hoax. I think its highly probable that this bigfoot body isn't real. If there was a sustainable population of primates in remote areas of our country, we should have lots and lots of bodies, feces, hair, foot prints, etc... (not to mention quality pictures since everyone has a camera now-a-days).

2. These men will not let real scientists such as anthropologists, biologists and DNA experts examine their find.

3. If the examination of the evidence by qualified scientists produces a result other than a bigfoot, the true believers will label it a conspiracy.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like that case in Australia (I think) where they found "a mini loch ness monster-esque monster's body". It ended up being the non-fully developed fetus of a horse with defects.


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