Monday, October 27, 2008

Learn How To Be a Psychic (and steal people's money)

I did some Tarot card readings back in college. It was weird. At the time, I had little idea what I was doing. I got a deck from a friend and a book from the library. I set up some candles in my dorm room and "conditioned" each person who wanted a reading by explaining the process and emphasized that they had to concentrate etc... I had a book from the library that explained the cards. Each card had so many different definitions, I just picked one that fit the person and the placement of the card. People considered my readings "accurate." Now, I know why. People want to believe. They don't count all the "misses" you have and only focus on the "hits" (the answers you get correct). I really wish I'd have kept track of the misses and hits, but I didn't. I know now that all I was doing was cold reading.
Without knowing it, I was using a technique used by all magicians and mentalist called "Cold Reading." Do a Google search and you'll find links like this: Australian Skeptics and JREF. I'm sure it wouldn't take me too long to get good at this. My problem is that I'm a bad liar and all my friends know me as an irritating skeptic. I also like to think I have ethics and morals that preclude me from taking people's money by preying on their emotions.

Please do some critical thinking before you spend money on psychics, mediums and card/palm/leaf readers. Use your money to pay the rent, feed the poor or save the whales. if you like.
Better yet, get these books and learn how to critically think: The Demon Haunted World or Flim-Flam


  1. You doing tarot readings? Seriously now. What's next, lobbying for gun control? Voting for Obama? Going back to Catholocism? If you get too "outside" your "irritatingly skeptic self" any more, you would be a liberal.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I was ignorant of cold reading back in college...and no, I won't be advocating for anything you mentioned. Not sure how your logic goes from Tarot to gun control, Obama and Catholocism. However, I do understand that Tarot and practicing religion are equally full of woo.

  3. because all the things I mentioned would be going against the picture I have of "who you are" - same as tarot reading.

  4. Interesting how people change after 23 years...

  5. I really like the Zen Osho deck. It's very introspective and causes one to think about one's own life and relation to the universe. It's the opposite of predictive.

  6. There are many psychic who are ding Psychic predictions about the future of the peoples and stealing the money form them.

  7. Psychic predictions are so exciting. This is so especially when your psychic is spot on with the reading!

    There are MANY a genuine psychic online, and these truly help, but you are right to keep an OPEN mind EITHER way.


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