Friday, October 17, 2008

More CO2 info and some Campaign Finance details

CO2 Update:

Here is a follow up to my essay How much CO2 is a lot of CO2?

Found this neat little web site: (our tax dollars hard at work)

Q. How much carbon dioxide is exhaled with each breath?

A. According to the text "Biology" by Claude A. Villee (Third Edition, W.B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia and London, copyright 1957), a person at rest inhales and exhales about 500 ml with each breath. That air consists of 150 ml of recently inhaled air that is in the larger air passages (where no exchange of gases between the lungs and blood stream occurs) and 350 ml of air that has been in the alveoli of the lungs. Thus, 150 ml of the 500 ml may be considered atmospheric air (approximately 0.04% carbon dioxide by volume), and 350 ml of the 500 ml may be considered alveolar air (approximately 5.3% carbon dioxide by volume). The average carbon dioxide content of the 500 ml of exhaled air is thus:

[(150 ml)/(500 ml) x 0.04% CO2] + [(350 ml)/(500 ml) x 5.3% CO2] = 3.7% CO2 by volume, which is equivalent to 5.7% CO2 by weight.

22.4 L of air at standard temperature and pressure has a mass of about 28.5 g (the difference in the average molecular weight of atmospheric and alveolar air is trivial, despite the differences in percent nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor), so 500 ml of air has a mass of about 0.636 g. The 5.7% of this mass that is carbon dioxide would therefore would weigh about 0.037 g (equivalent to about 0.010 g of carbon). [RMC]

Q. What is the annual amount of CO2 that a mature tree will absorb (e.g., deciduous red oak vs. evergreen blue spruce)?

A. A mature tree absorbs no NET CO2 over the course of a year. What it takes up in photosynthesis, it loses in respiration and decay. [GM]

Even more information on CO2 is available here:

Campaign Media Spending:

I saw this article today.

A study by the Wisconsin Advertising Project at the University of Wisconsin at Madison says the campaigns will spend a combined $30 million a week on ads between now and Election Day, the vast majority negative.

What would you do with $30M to spend each week?

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