Wednesday, December 24, 2008

7000+ Views!

Close Up Bumble Bee
Originally uploaded by Mully410

Wow. It's almost time to end this awful year and begin a new year full of awfulness.

One bright spot for me is my photography. I started taking photo in earnest this year. The impetus for that was my new great camera, a Sony DSC-W150. I used to lug around a 35mm SLR once in a while but found I left it at home more often. This new little camera takes great shots and is easy to take everywhere.

This year, photography got me out of the house more than ever. I explored great and mediocre parks for the first time and I saw lots of cool plants, animals and other stuff.

When I started contibuting to my Flickr photostream, I had no idea so many people would enjoy my art. As of today, people have viewed my work over 7000 times! 30 of my photos are somebody's favorite and I have over 100 nice comments. Thank you all!

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