Wednesday, December 31, 2008

(Not) Psychic Predictions for 2009

Ok. I'm NOT psychic. In fact, I think there are two types of people who claim to be psychic: those who know they aren't psychic but persist to lie and steal from people and those to are self deluded and actually believe the have paranormal powers. See my previous post "Learn How to by a Psychic (and steal people's money.)" Then go here to learn even more.

I just reviewed some psychic prediction for 2008. The internet is so funny that I really can't trust that these people have honestly kept all their predictions. I shold have printed some out last year. I'll do some searching this weekend and post a few from popular "psychics." There are two main ways that psychics will show their accuracy. First, they will conveniently delete or ignore their misses. This works great for them because people tend to forget the misses too. Second, they will make such broad and general predictions that almost any thing can "fit" the prediction.

I've decided to try my hand at predicting events for 2009. I've sequestered myself in my basement for over 10 minutes and concentrated real hard....

1. There will be a bout of severe weather where many people will die.

2. There will be an increase in violence that will lead to many death.

3. The economy will become more stable and more people will find work.

4. A world leader will face a difficult crossroads with far reaching consequences.

5. A world leader will be threaten and/or assassinated.

6. Scientists will discover a cure for an ailment.

7. A sports team will have an unpredictably great season that will lead to a championship.

8. Britney Spears will cause interesting drama and may remarry and become pregnant.

9. A really horrible movie will debut that will offend many people.

10. There will be great instability in the middle east. Many people will die.

There you go. Now, keep me honest and remind me to update these throughout the year.

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