Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not too Happy with the Digg Community

I've been digging a lot lately. It's a fun way to find interesting and funny articles on the web. It's also driven traffic to this blog and my photostream on Flickr.

I had this exchange with Digg support today:

First, I sent them this:
I enjoy your social bookmarking site. It's altered how I search for news and read stories on the internet. It's also increase traffic to my photos and my blog.

Lately, I've been trying to Digg some very fine articles on but I keep getting the following error message from your site: "This URL has been widely reported by users for one of the following reasons: being used to spam Digg's submission process, posting spam content, or posting off-topic content" I"m wondering specifically why this error is coming up. The James Randi Educations Foundation is a fine non-profit organization that promotes science education. Is there anything I can do to correct this error so I can digg their content?
They sent back this:
Thanks for taking the time to contact us at regarding this website.

As you know, Digg is a community-driven website – our community has consistently reported the domain to which you refer as spam and a news middle man.

From our FAQ (

Does Digg differentiate between spam and spamming? Spam is very subjective. Many times, the spammer honestly doesn't think they are spammers, so we generally leave that up to the Digg community to decide with the report/bury feature. We may delete users who blatantly and consistently submit obvious spam. Additionally, comment spam is against our TOS and will result in an account ban or deletion, depending on the severity. Submission spamming is different because it may be quality content but the submitter is "spamming" every story from their blog/site. While we welcome users to submit their own content, overdoing it often incites the users to mark the user as a spammer, the site as a spam site, and otherwise decent content as blogspam. We
recommend considering this before you engage in this activity. Remember, if domains are consistently buried and reported as spam, the site may be banned.

Because unblocking the domain would not be in line with the best interests of the larger Digg community, we will not reverse this decision.

For more information, please see and

Thank you,
- Digg Support Team
I wonder when the Digg community will be sick of me Digging JREF posts on my blog....

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