Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oprah Kills Kids and Christians Hate Her for Other Reasons

Many of you loyal readers know that I'm an Atheist. If you haven't noticed, I have a big "A" logo on the side of my blog. This post isn't about Atheism. It's about Oprah.

Oprah is killing people and she should stop. She does this by credulously allowing people like Jenny McCarthy on her show to spew anti-vaccination crap. Un-vaccinated children die. This pisses me off. A woman as rich and powerful as Oprah should know better, but she doesn't.

Ok. That isn't even the point of this point, but I'm getting closer.

My enmity toward the nasty O lead me to search for a facebook group that is against Oprah. I went to the groups page and entered "Oprah" in the search window. What came up was very interesting. Apparently, Oprah somehow offended Jesus followers. I don't know how and I don't care. That's still not my point.

Closer to my point: When I did that search it pulled up over 500 groups. Not all are against O, but most of them on the first 5-10 pages are groups against her. These are alledged christians that don't seem to be acting very christian. I was raised Catholic and have read most of the bible so I've heard the "turn the other cheek" and "love your neighbor" (but not his wife) parables and such.

I'll let you decide. Here are some quotes:

From the Group "1,000,000 Strong Against Oprah, and Eckhart Tolles new cult"
Oprah and Eckhart are both pathetic losers who have no sense of self or direction in life. Haven't you ever noticed that emotionally weak individuals are always searching for a meaning in life or their purpose on earth? Look at Hollywood celebs ... crazed lunatics who are completely out of touch with reality. There are so many pseudo-religious groups / cults on the horizon and there is one simple reason why they are being formed and why they are trendy. NO ONE wants to conform to God's way anymore (His Ten Commandments). They don't want to conform to morality or what is right. They want the easy- sleezy way of life. Therefore, a cheap, easy way to cop-out is to form a bullshit religion and brainwash all its victims. Be strong and follow God's Ten Commandments ... it's not that difficult.
I found that laughably ironic, actually.

Another group: jesus is the only way to heaven(DON'T BELIEVE OPRAH) [sic]
Okay, I watched that video and it angered me terribly!!!!! She said there are many paths to God, but call them whatever you want ???? some may call it God and some may call it something else.... She also said, There couldn't possibly be One Way w/ millions of people in the world. WOW - she has no faith in our awesome God. She took God out of the box????...OMG that's ridiculous.... She clearly doesn't believe scripture if she believes that it is all a "Feeling" and not a "belief". She said if it's about a belief - it's not truly God. Give me a break. The Bible tells us exactly how to be saved. She is just calling her religion god.... and it's a lowercase "g" for sure.... Boycott Oprah for sure !!!!
Other Oprah facebook hate groups are little more nice about it and not every poster is filled with such superiority.

Now to my real point (maybe): This post has evolved a little as I was writing it. As you've probably noticed, I wanted to write about how Oprah is killing kids. Then I wanted to point out some christian assholes. Now, I think I just want to say that christians like the two quoted above only help to affirm my non-belief. If I believed in a God/gods/god, I don't think I'd follow one that is only going to let 1/6th of the world population into heaven because the rest aren't christians. People grow up with the faith their parents teach them. Remember Santa Claus? Didn't we all believe in him?

Don't misinterpret me, not all people of faith act like this. I hate it when people lump others into broad catagories and hold everyone accountable and I'm not going to do it here or in my life. Even my fellow atheist are all very different from one another. (I think I might make my own anti-Oprah group. I'll let you know.)

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