Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Remind me...why is Religion Good?

Here is a tidbit from one of the most religious countries in the world:  Two Men Stoned to Death for Adultery in ...

It's about time we stop those fake Virgin Mary sightings. (wait...which ones are real?)

And yes...people are still killing "witches."  This one from another highly religious country.  Here is an article about it.  Watch this sad story...


While American's aren't stoning people or killing witches, they sure do teach a lot of hate and bigotry.  Check out the Boy Scouts of America now-a-days.  Atheists are banned from that organization. (this video contains profanity)


The point of this post:  Please stop thinking (and telling me) that we need religion to gain peace, maintain morality or eradicate evil.  (and for the love of your god/God/gods, post some comments)


  1. I think the question should be, "Tell me why people are good whether or not they claim to be religious?" People are foolish no matter their ideology, in my view. I believe for every dumb act, in the name of religion/God(s), there are several humble acts displayed.


  2. You are correct. People are people and they are all capable of "good" and "evil" acts. I'm just saying that I don't believe one needs religion to be a good person.

  3. What defines a good person? What they do? What they think? I agree, you don't need religion to do or live a "good" life. Now, I'm thinking, what makes me good? Am I a good person because I give money to the poor? Or because I let others go before me at the dummy lights? Or because I think and practice positive thinking and it influences others to be positive in action and deed? Or am I good just because I have intrisic value as a human? Where is the dividing line between "Good Person and Bad Person"? Hitler bad? Mother Theresa good?


  4. Unfortunate choice of a phrase...I kind of contradicted myself. I think everyone is capable of both good and bad acts or maybe more accurately nice and not so nice acts. In my opinion, people with blind unquestioning faith are more susceptible to bigotry and not so nice acts.


Be critical. Be nice.

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