Thursday, February 19, 2009

7 Dumb Things We Do And 8 Tricks To Keep Errors at Bay

Here is an interesting article from the Reader's Digest website. Some of these are typical logical fallacies and some are explained by psychological studies that I've read about. This author does a good job of explaining these phenomena.

I know I'm guilty of #6 frequently, especially when proof reading my posts and I found the #2 trick pretty funny. If only some of my previous managers would see

Here is a snippet:

We all know the expression "To err is human." And this is true enough. When something goes wrong, the cause is overwhelmingly attributable to human error: airplane crashes (70 percent), car wrecks (90 percent), workplace accidents (90 percent). Once a human is blamed, the inquiry usually stops there. But it shouldn't not if we want to eliminate the mistake.

We're all affected by certain biases in the way we see, remember, and perceive the world, and these biases make us prone to commit certain types of errors.

Here is the link to the full article: 7 Dumb Things We Do And 8 Tricks To Keep Errors at Bay | Work & Career | Reader's Digest

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