Thursday, February 5, 2009

Conservative Atheists?

I found an interesting blog the other day: Moxie. I think this blog is going to make it to my daily read list. Here is the description posted in the NetworkedBlogs listing:
Moxie is the conservative Republican blogger who has earnestly tried to fulfill each and every one of the left's absurd GOP stereotypes. No day is complete without: calling into into Rush Limbaugh's show and speaking in tongues, using Halliburton stock certificates to blot her lipstick, or agitating the sleeping homeless intellectuals with some target practice.
What really surprised me about this blog is that the author is an atheist. I knew all along that a person without a believe in God/god/gods could subscribe to conservative principals. Less government, 2nd Amendment and personal responsibility are my favorites. I've been struggling with the way the religious right has taken over the Republican party since my days in college. The zeal and motivation of the religious have alienated many conservatives especially those with a less than fanatical belief in christ.

Anyway, I look forward to regularly reading this blog. If I find some extraordinary posts, I'll be sure to share them here.

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