Monday, February 2, 2009

Critical Thinking Club, St. Paul Meeting: 9/11: Conspiracy, Complicity, or Coincidence

I've attended three meetings of the Critical Thinking Club, St. Paul Chapter and learned a few things. I think I'll try this one. The topic sounds interesting despite being pretty old. Everyone is invited. Here are the details:

Location: Kelly Inn, Rice Street and I-94

Date: February 8, 2009

Time: 10:00 a.m. to Noon

Presenter: Michael Andregg

Subject: "9/11: Conspiracy, Complicity, or Coincidence."

Breakfast Buffet $10.00 Coffee only $3.00. We need to plan for the room setup and meal, so if you are going to attend, please RSVP to

We will review about 30 minutes of evidence regarding the fall of World Trade Center Tower #7 and of intelligence agencies active behind the scenes, both of which raise extremely serious questions about the official story regarding what exactly happened during 9/11/2001. We will then consider how consistent this, or any other evidence produced by the group, is with 4 hypotheses: two conspiracy theories (the official one and the critics' one), complicity and coincidence.

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