Friday, February 6, 2009

Indiana man sees Virgin Mary in block of ice...pareidolia

Indiana man sees Virgin Mary in block of ice

If I was to pick a god/God/gods to worship, one that communicates via blocks of ice that look like his mother would be towards the bottom of the list. I would want a god that kicks ass, kinda like Steven Seagal, perhaps.

This is another case of pareidolia making headlines...Sheesh. Go here to learn more about this phenomenon.


  1. Oh for Christ's sake!!!!!
    Is there no picture of this 'Mary of Ice?

  2. The picture is on the right side of the KARE11 page. It looks like it has a rosary around it.

  3. I saw that but didn't think it was anything special. I was envisaging something much larger with a face. There are loads of similar icy blobs all over the UK right now... it MUST be a sign!


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