Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jesus' Brain - What is this?

Originally uploaded by v2or

I wonder what this is. I was surfing Flickr's recent uploads and this picture came up. After some extra clicking, it appears that this photo is part of a larger collection of similar works. It appears to be some sort of lesson plan. Go look at v20r's photostream for more strangeness.

Whatever it is, I think it's funny. I can't decide if Jesus' brain is empty because there is nothing written in the space or if Jesus' brain is a straight line. Hmmm. Perhaps a zombie got Jesus' brain. "Brrrrraaaaainnnsss"


  1. Ha!

    Well, the bugger did 'rise again' after a couple of days, I'm sure he must've had a hankering for some grey matter niblets. Who's to say this wasn't a widespread phenomenon at the time? Perhaps it was a bit of Venusian rock that caused it, like in that great documentary by George Romero about how the dead rose in the late 60s.

    As reliable as the bibble as a historical document, surely...

    Great blog, by the way. I followed a link from randi.org and have been chuckling away at your posts, so thank ye!

    Best, Steve

  2. @Steve

    Thanks a lot for the entertaining comment and great feedback. Thanks for reading.



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