Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mully410 Critical Blog Stat Update 2

It's been a month since I installed Google analytics on my blog. I am still shocked and thankful for the traffic. It's taken some time to "market" my blog and looks like it's paying off.

Last Saturday, February 21st I posted some stats-to-date here: Mully410 Critical Blog: Mully410 Critical Blog Stat Update

Here is a snippet from that post:

* 335 Absolute Unique visitors from 35 Countries * 114 Returning Visitors * 448 Total Visits * 1138 Total Page views * 29.5% of visitors view more than 1 page (11 visitors viewed 20+ pages) * 26% of these visits come from and about 15% come from Facebook * My most popular post is this one on Comet Lulin with 136 page views and 7 Diggs (3 of my top 5 posts are about the comet) * The second most popular post is the Who is Closed Minded article * I have 5 RSS feed subscribers...way cool

As of today, here are some key stats:

  • 816 Absolute Unique Visitors from 51 countries.
  • 179 Returning Visitors
  • 993 Total Visits
  • 2361 Page Views

I need to figure out how to get visitors to view more posts. Only about 30% visit more than one post.

Special thanks to the 16 visits from people using a Dial-Up internet connection (that's dedication). Special thanks to the person from Vietnam who spent 2 minutes on my blog and to the Polish visitors that average over 2 minutes on my blog.

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