Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Asteroid is Coming and We Are All Going to Die!

Ok. I do this sometimes to attract attention: An asteroid is going to pass close to earth on March 2nd and we are all going to die. Fortunately, we are not going to die because of this asteroid. Here is a snippet:

Kelly Beatty at Sky and Telescope reports that an asteroid about 100 meters across will pass the Earth on March 2, missing us by a scant 60,000 kilometers! Thats a clean miss, but still pretty close. The rock, called 2009 DD45, was discovered only a few days ago its small and faint, making it easy to miss. Closest approach is at 13:44 UT, and it happens over the Pacific.

Read Phil's post here: 100 meter asteroid will pass Earth Monday! | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine Then go buy his great book: Death from the Skies!

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