Monday, March 2, 2009

Ghost Hunter Tells All in Exclusive Interview

There isn't much credibly to lend to this article because the source remains anonymous. Regardless, it's an interesting transcript of an interview of an alleged hunter of ghosts. Be skeptical, think critically and do your own research. Here's a snippet from Alison Smith's interview:

Recently, I was granted an interview with X, a paranormal investigator from a television show. X could only speak if given total anonymity, as the contract X signed for the show states that giving an interview of this nature would result in litigation.

Because most of the individuals who read Swift are skeptics, its understandable to additionally be skeptical of the existence of X. I can only promise that X does exist, and was able, during this interview, to give a unique point-of-view of television paranormal investigation.

Here is a link to the full interview: Ghost Hunter Tells All in Exclusive Interview

Personally, I think the show Ghost Hunters is pretty lame. They always prime you with a scary story and spooky music. Every episode I've seen has them playing a bland audio clip over and over again while telling you what you should hear. This is simply Pareidolia, which I've written about here and here. Steven Novella, at The Rogue's Gallery, just published an excellent post on audio pareidolia.

Their best "evidence" is always: "We don't know what it was that (made that sound or cast that shadow)." The way their use their EM detectors and thermography equipment is really a joke. Often they are calibrated to such an overly sensitive level that anything with "give a reading." Go to the SAPS website a learn how easy it is to make these ghost data. Then go watch Randi Speaks, Episode 6 for a little more illumination.

If you are still interested in so called paranormal stuff, go to my Flickr set and see how I've captured some photos that pretty much look like all the other paranormal woo you've seen.

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