Friday, March 27, 2009

Hauntings: Experiments

Ghostly Shadows

I'm a daily reader of Richard Wiseman's blog.   Richard is a psychologist, magician, author of The Luck Factor and Quirkology and posts on quirky mind stuff.  He and his gang run experiments on fascinating topics and publish the results.   Here is a snippet on a recent experiment:

At the start of March we asked people to submit their ghost photographs for analysis. The best of these images were then posted on the project website, and the public invited to offer comments, and vote on whether they believed each image depicted a genuine ghost. The response was remarkable. We received around 250 photographs from all around the world, and had thousands of comments and over a quarter of a million votes.

Here is a link to the "ghostly" images in the contest Hauntings: Experiments

I entered a couple of my favorite "paranormal" photographs.  Unfortunately, none were picked.  I did get a personal email from Dr. Wiseman, which is very cool.  Here is the email in it's entirety: 


Thanks for the photo.  We had hundreds of submissions, and only had time to post fifty of the most interesting and unusual ones on the site.  However, the good news is that we will be posting more over the next month or so and will try our best to include your image soon.

Best wishes


I suspect that the main reason my photos didn't make the list is that I posted logical and likely explanations.  I wonder if I would have had more success if I would have left them "unexplained."  I'll keep you posted if any of my photos make the upcoming post.  Until then, please go to my Flickr photostream and check out my "paranormal" collection.

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