Monday, March 23, 2009

Mully410 Critical Blog - Still #1

That's right. Mully410 Critical Blog is still the number 1 "critical thinking" tagged blog on Facebook and NetworkedBlogs. Thank you to all 34 of my loyal readers.

Please join my NetworkBlogs network. The NetworkBlogs application for Facebook has a couple nice features. You can see all the blogs you follow on the "blog wall." I like that because I check on 20 different blogs almost every day. It only takes a minute or so to see if something new is posted. The second thing I like is the voting feature. It's not super handy yet but it gives me the illusion of being able to help promote blogs. Lastly, the "Most Voted" feature has tipped me off to some interesting blogs. Try it out. If you like a certain topic like sewing or politics, you can search for blogs with that content.

I tried to past the NetworkedBlogs widget into this post but I don't know if it works. Should it not work, see the widget on the right side of the blog:

[Update] This html code for the widget messed up the layout of my whole blog. I killed it. You'll have to use the one on the right side to join my network or search for this blog on Facebook. Thanks.

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