Monday, April 20, 2009

Astronomy Day 2009 is fast approaching...May 1, 2009

I had great fun with the Minnesota Astronomical Society celebrating 100 Hours of Astronomy earlier this month. Here is another public event from MAS:

May 1st and 2nd, is the annual Astronomy Day weekend. Astronomy Day is a grass roots movement designed to share the joy of astronomy with the general population - 'Bringing Astronomy to the People.' On Astronomy Day, thousands of people who have never looked through a telescope will have an opportunity to see first hand what has so many amateur and professional astronomers all excited.

Astronomy Day weekend highlights Saturn and its' thinning rings, the Moon, Mercury passing by the Pleiades and comets Cardinal (C/2008 T2) and Yi-SWAN (C/2009 F6) visible in the evening. Venus will also be a good target but will need to be viewed several hours BEFORE sunset. We will be saying goodbye to the winters finest objects M42, M45 and M1 and welcoming the arrival of some of summers best: M13, M57, M3, NGC4565, the Virgo cluster and many others. Events begin Friday May 1st at 7:00 pm with solar viewing and informal video presentations, followed by stargazing.

Saturday's events begin at noon and will include speakers thruout (sic) the afternoon. So far we have Bill Arden, who will give a talk on constellation mythology, Michael Kauper who will talk about daytime astronomy/activities for kids and Jackie LaVaque, giving an overview and tour of the observatory's past and present will be available to answer your questions.

Go here for complete up-to-date details: Minnesota Astronomical Society

If you are interested and want to carpool or something, please let me know.

* Should you join us the Onan Observatory be sure to read the Star Party Guidelines.

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