Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Does it really matter how your numbers measure up? Your "common sense" is WRONG

Sandy at Junkfood Science blog reports on another "buried" heath study. Again and again it's reported that people with high body mass index (BMI), die prematurely because of their weigh. This is very difficult to prove with objective valid and comprehensive data. I encourage you to read the full article, especially if you are spending big dough on a gym or a diet. Basically, it's pointless for most people to lose weigh to get "healthy." Now if you are doing it purely out of vanity, then I guess that's ok. Here is a snippet:

Everywhere we turn, tape measures are being unfurled and our waists and hips measured, our bodies are weighed and pinched all purportedly to measure our health and risks for an early grave. But they don't. Foremost, they are measures of the natural, hereditary diversity of human body shapes, types and sizes, and reflections of aging.

But convincing us that fixating on our appearance and how our body measures up is more than superficiality, but about being healthy and convincing us that judging others by their bodies and how they measure up is more than prejudice, but concern for their health sells much more than tape measures and health risk assessments. Whether its someone telling us what to do if our BMI and waist measurements don't meet government guidelines, how to get rid of belly fat, or what to do if our waist-to-hip ratios and body shapes aren't ideal the advice is the same: diet, exercise and lose weight. Obesity, healthy eating and lifestyles is big business and big government.

Go here for the full article: Junkfood Science: Does it really matter how your numbers measure up? Or can you ditch the tape measure? As always, follow her links to the studies. Read them yourself and thing critically.

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