Sunday, April 12, 2009

We live, we die, and some of us get eaten.

We live, we die, and some of us get eaten.
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This is what happens to bunnies in my neighborhood. Was it a hawk? Eagle? Coyote? Owl? Any one of the these wonderful organic sustainable creatures could have eaten this Easter bunny.

I wonder....what kind of being/entity/god/God/gods could create a world in which so much terror and death is absolutely essential for survival? Until I'm presented with extraordinary evidence to the contrary, I will continue to think there is no such sadistic supernatural being in charge of anything.


  1. Darwin came to a similar conclusion when observing a wasp that paralyzes grasshoppers and caterpillars and takes them away to its nest alive, but immobilized for their larvae to eat from the inside out, while the poison keeps the victim barely alive to ensure its meat is fresh while it is devoured. What sort of benevolent God would create such senseless suffering?


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