Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Congress hears about antivaxxers | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine

My yard work is piling up and I'm still worn out from this post, so here is a lazy post.

Here is a snippet from another post about BadAstronomer's Anti-Anti-Vax movement:

I recently received this press release from the wonderful organization called Every Child By Two, a national non-profit set up to make sure children get their vaccinations. As you might expect, they are concerned about the recent rise of the antivax mob, who seemed determined to misinform parents and ensure we have a whole generation of kids susceptible to easily preventable potentially fatal infections.

The press release is important, and I reproduce it below in full. If you are so inclined, please show ECBT your love. Spread the word. Kids are dying, all over the world, and its incredibly easy to prevent it. All we need to do is make sure parents get real information.

Please read the whole story here: Congress hears about antivaxxers | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine

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