Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flickr Stats Update - 20,000 Views!

flickr stats 052009

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Time to update you with on the latest stats from my Flickr Photostream. Back on March 29, 2009, I let you know that my photos surpassed 13,000 views. I took about 10 months of painstaking publicity to reach that number. Since I've found the community, things have really accelerated. On April 23, 2009, my old daily record was beaten and my total views surpassed 20,000 views (mostly by reddit viewers).

Last Sunday, I took this interesting photo and posted in the "funny" section on with the title: "I found your glove."

Missing Glove Finger

Within minutes, the above finger photo had a hundred views and within the first day, 500 views. Right now it stands at 669 views. It has blown away the next most popular photo (below) by more than 200 views.

Cigar Shaped UFO not

Yesterday, the "I Found Your Glove" photo and the Osprey with a Fish photo (below) almost single handedly pushed my daily view record to 1120 views.

Osprey with fish (3)

Thanks for all your viewing!

PS: The neat photo gadget I used to have at the top of the blog started pulling random photos from other people's photostreams. I'm not sure why. I'm no html coder and couldn't figure it out. I ended up disabling it until I can find a better gadget to add there. Until, I get it fixed, please click on the pretty butterfly on the sidebar to visit my photostream. Thanks.

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