Sunday, May 31, 2009

If Your Kid Sucks at Math, Come to Minnesota

2 Plus 2

"Previously on Mully410 Critical Blog: Is Your Misunderstanding, Apathy or Ignorance of Math Costing You?; More Proof That People are Math Stupid..." Here is a snippet from one of many short news stories on this topic:

MINNEAPOLIS -- A Minnesota math test that many educators think is too difficult will not be required for graduating high school students. The Class of 2010 was expected to be the first required to pass a series of state graduation tests before students received their diplomas in the spring.

But the Legislature decided to abandon the 11th-grade math test because of its potential to keep a large number of students from graduating next year.

The unique solution passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty says that students either have to pass the test once -- or fail it three times -- to graduate.

Read the rest of the article here: | Twin Cities, MN | Minnesota students don't need math test for diploma

So it appears the bottom line is: If you don't "get" math, fail 3 times and you can graduate high school in Minnesota. I suppose this works out well for government. If the people don't understand math, it should be easier to spend trillions and trillions of dollars without reproach.

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