Saturday, May 9, 2009

Science, Reason and Critical Thinking: The Skeptics Tarot Cards

My regular readers might remember my experience with Tarot Cards. I actually got some comments from people on that post.

Here is a plug for one of my favorite UK skeptic's blogs: Science, Reason and Critical Thinking by Crispian Jago. I've been following Crispian's blog for some time now. We found each other on Facebook somehow. We share some common interests in skepticism so go ahead and digg, reddit, and NetworkBlog his blog. Here is a snippet from his latest post. It's full of awesome hilarity:

The Skeptics Tarot Cards Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a divination method. Many Skeptics and rational thinker however have claimed that there is no scientific evidence to support the validity of this method. I have therefore drawn up a new pack of Tarot Cards for the more sceptically minded. To practice my new art of Tarot reading, simply find yourself a believer and get them to select a card. To help you out I have posted 12 sample cards below together with my interpretation of each cards meaning.

Go here for the full post: Science, Reason and Critical Thinking: The Skeptics Tarot Cards

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