Friday, May 29, 2009

WTF(H) is a Skeptic - Part 2

Jeffrey Ellis at The Thinker, made an interesting comment and shameless plug of his blog on my previous post. He directed me to one of his posts: Some Thoughts on Critical Thinking and Skepticism. I highly recommend reading it to better understand the debate around critical thinking versus skepticism. Here are some snippets:

Some Thoughts on Critical Thinking and Skepticism Posted by Jeffrey Ellis Nov 18 Skepticism is not exactly the same thing as critical thinking, and a skeptic isn't exactly the same thing as a critical thinker. Bear with me and Ill explain...

So skepticism is more than just critical thinking, and critical thinking is more than just skepticism. Although there is certainly a large overlap between them, I see two fundamental differences:

  1. Skepticism is an organized movement; critical thinking is not.
  2. Skepticism is focused on debunking unlikely claims such as conspiracy theories and the paranormal, whereas critical thinking is and should be more broadly applied to just about anything and everything.

It is safe to say that the overwhelming majority of skeptics are, by necessity, critical thinkers. And it’s also safe to say that a good critical thinker is, by nature, skeptical of unsubstantiated claims, just as a “skeptic” is. But the two points above illustrate the subtle but important differences.

In this context, I'm a skeptic. I apply my (rudimentary) critical thinking skills primarily to "debunk" unlikely claims and I'm an activist. However, I also try to apply critical thinking to everything in my daily life.

Go here for the full post: Some Thoughts on Critical Thinking and Skepticism: The Thinker


  1. Link-jacked. Write your own shit.

  2. Link-jacked. Write your own shit.

  3. @Nicholas and @Anonymous:

    Let's see you writing? So far, you haven't impressed me.


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