Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mineapolis Skeptics Group

CH47 Chinook

I just got promoted to "Assistant Organizer" for the Minneapolis Skepics. That means I setup the happy hour drinking skeptically meet-up. Keep up with our activities on Meet-Up and Facebook. Come join us sometime.

Here is a snippet from our Facebook Page:

Had enough of astrologers, psychics, homeopaths, and spirit channelers? Yearning to talk with someone rational for awhile? Skeptics are interested in critical thinking, science, public policy, and the psychologies of belief and perception. Come meet with other local skeptics for some refreshing and sane conversation.

We sponsor two monthly meetings: There is an open pub night for socializing and free discussion (currently at happy hour on the 2nd Thursday of each month). There is also a more focussed discussion group (currently early evening on the 4th Wednesday of each month).

We're informal, friendly, and open to all kinds of skeptics.
Due to TAM7 starting on the 2nd Tuesday of July this year, we'll likely move the Minneapolis Skeptics meeting to the 16th. Oh, and if you want a T-Shirt go here.

We use our Meet-Up Group for our invitations and RSVPs. Check it out.

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