Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update - My Psychic Predictions for 2009

Ghostly Shadows
Ghostly Shadows by Mully410

Time to reevaluate my psychic predictions for the year.

Ok first off, I didn't predict the death of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett or Ed McMahon. However, I think I've had a couple "hits" so far. Here is the original post from December 31, 2008.

1. There will be a bout of severe weather where many people will die.

  • Nothing major yet...

2. There will be an increase in violence that will lead to many death.

  • Big News In Iran...score. According to this news story somewhere between 17 and 150 deaths have occurred so far.

3. The economy will become more stable and more people will find work.

  • We got a ways to go on this one...

4. A world leader will face a difficult crossroads with far reaching consequences.

  • Again...Iran. Same article as above. "President Obama's administration is walking a diplomatic tightrope in responding to the crisis."

5. A world leader will be threaten and/or assassinated.

  • I haven't bothered to research this one yet. I haven't heard of any notable events yet.

6. Scientists will discover a cure for an ailment.

  • Not yet, but trust me on this one.

7. A sports team will have an unpredictably great season that will lead to a championship.

  • Since I only really watch NHL and NFL, I haven't heard of any "unpredictably great seasons" yet. Perhaps the Minnesota Twins will surprise me?

8. Britney Spears will cause interesting drama and may remarry and become pregnant.

  • Nothing from her lately. :-(

9. A really horrible movie will debut that will offend many people.

  • I don't go to the movie theaters but I hear Transformers 2 is getting horrible reviews.

10. There will be great instability in the middle east. Many people will die.

  • Need I repeat...Iran

There it is, 3 for 10 so far and couple close ones.

If you want to hear a real psychic prediction by Rebecca Watson, listen to this podcast of SGU from January 7 of this year.


  1. I actully give you a better score than 3 out of 10.

    I think you can double dip on #4 - North Korea?!?!?!

    5. Let's hope our buddies in the CIA take out the NK leader.

    8. She's dating her much older manager - just waiting for that rabbit to die soon!

    9. Bruno - need I say more than they are editing out Jackson family references the day before the premiere?

  2. @Blogophile: Thanks. I'm pretty sure that most of my predictions will turn out positive. I'll predict right now that I'll get 8 of 10 correct.


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