Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Amazing Meeting 7 - Photographic Documentation

Where Orbs Come From Day 2

I just got back from The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 which was held in Las Vegas this past weekend. I had a wonderful time. It was so full of awesome that I'm very tired. I've taken some notes from the various workshops, panels and presentations and hope to start a (short) series of post over the next week or so.

Despite my tiredness, I've just completed culling 76 fairly decent photos from the 200+ I took during the event. If you are regular reader here, you probably already know that I don't specialize in people pictures. In fact, I much prefer bugs, flowers and landscapes as my photography subjects.

The picture above was quite interesting given the whole focus of the conference. I found it fitting that I finally have proof of where those pesky orbs original.

Below is a direct link to the slideshow for my TAM7 pics or you can click on the pretty butterfly on the right sidebar to get to my Photostream directly.

Click the four little dots on the lower right side for the full screen slideshow. You can also click the "show description" button for the file names. Please comment on the photos within Flickr.


  1. For one, reports of orbs come from Alison Smith's mouth (the woman with the purple hair and the little red toy push-cart at TAM). She's the one who said she saw orbs on her brief TV appearance, and Jeff Wagg (of fleeting JREF fame) has admitted to several people, in writing, that the only reason he supported her efforts with SAPs was because he was in love with her and wanted to get her a TV appearance. I have no respect for liars and pretend skeptics. Alison Smith, a presenter at TAM, also believes in a theistic god. How creepy is that? I think it's very sad when you have to be skeptical of the so-called skeptics.

  2. @Anonymous: I don't think there is any topic that should be free from skepticism. Being skeptical of a skeptic is perfectly appropriate. If you aren't skeptical of everyone you risk the argument of authority fallacy.

    People at TAM had all sorts of beliefs. JREF is not an atheist specific organization. Watch the Bill Prady video.

    I'm not sure where you get your information but your post is full of ad hominem which is easy to do when you post anonymously.


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