Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mully410 Flickr Photostream Hits 50,000 Views

50000 views (click pic to embiggen)
Originally uploaded by Mully410

50,000 views. Wow. I never thought there would be so many people interested in my photography. Thanks for viewing.

This photo below is the most viewed photo with 2253 views. It's titled "Old Naked Statue." Flickr stats show that many of the views of this photo come from searches for "Old Naked." Kinda creepy, if I think about it too deeply:

Old Naked Statue (3)

This Photo of Moon, Venus and Jupiter is my "most interesting" photo according to Flickr. Not sure how they calculate that, but this photo has been favorited 8 times, 396 views and has 13 comments. I think it's interesting because I rotated this photo 180 degrees in order to show the frowny face.

Sad Face (Moon Jupiter and Venus)

And last but not least...nobody has viewed this photo yet:

Yellow Cone Flower

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