Monday, July 6, 2009

Some Evidence on Goverment Funded Healthcare

Falling Down Sign

Personally, I'd like to see government exit all aspects of my health. I fail to see much evidence that government can be as effective and efficient as other options. It surely won't cost less cost.

Here is a snippet from Junkfood Science Blog:

The Massachusetts Experiment

Readers will remember when Massachusetts signed the nation’s first state universal health insurance program into law. This program was to be the test ground to see how universal health coverage by the government would work here in the United States. “This is the healthcare plan seen by many as a model that could be replicated around the country,” the Boston Globe noted yesterday.

The VA Example

The American Legion, which visits and inspects Veteran’s Administration health centers, reported that doctors at a facility in Pennsylvania gave 92 veterans incorrect radiation doses for treatment of prostate cancer, and that 53 veterans were possibly infected with hepatitis and HIV from unsterilized equipment at three VA health centers in Florida, Tennessee and Georgia.

Please read the full post: Real life evidence --government funded healthcare.

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