Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wave at the Space Men

ISS July 4

For those of you in Minnesota, particularly the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, the International Space Station will be making some passes overhead this weekend. It makes an orbit about every 90 minutes and sometimes is passes over us, here in the mid-west.

I think the most convenient time to catch this brief show will be on Saturday July 4. The ISS will streak by in the northern sky just under the north star, Polaris at exactly between 1:16 and 1:19 AM. That means early morning Saturday NOT after the fireworks Saturday night. It's very bright, almost as bright as the brightest Venus and moves very fast and steady. Click on the pic above to embiggen and to see a map and some numbers. Don't forget to wave as they go by.

If you want detailed flyby times in your area go to Bad Astronomer's post on it or go to this page for Shoreview, MN. (yes, I know I could post all the links myself but Phil deserves the extra traffic) Also, check out My Favorite Essential Astonomy Sites.

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