Friday, August 14, 2009

Before You Get All Worked Up about Obama Protesters....Remember

I think there is a lot of selective remembering going on in the news lately. I've written about Confirmation Bias and I'm pretty sure this is what is happening. So far, things haven't gotten as ugly for BO as they were for GW.

Remember the big shoe party?

How's this for a violent protester?

Here is a whole slew of videos of protests against the last President of the United States. Check out some of those signs.

How about this video of a polite anti-nuke protester and how he treated former President Reagan?

In my opinion, it's ignorant and unfair when people categorize a whole group of people based on the actions of a few. That goes for all sides of all issues. People are individuals and are responsible for their own actions. If the faulty logic that all the Obamacare protesters are Republicans therefore all Republicans are violently rude liars, wouldn't we be able to say then that all Christians hate gays like the Westboro Baptist Church or they all have sex with children like Branch Davidians or some Catholic priests? Or all Democrats are ararchist vandals and terrorists?

And don't forget this when you talk about lying:

Contempt of court citation

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