Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lunr Flickr Winners!

Lunr Flickr Winners!
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Click on the above shot to embiggen. This is a screen capture of the MyMoon web site news section where they announced the winners of their photo contest.

A while back, I entered my photo, Independence Moon, into a contest sponsored by MyMoon. MyMoon is a collection of Lunar scientists and artists. They are funded by the by NASA's Science Mission Directorate (the part of NASA that brought you robots on Mars and spacecraft gathering information about Saturn, and the Hubble Space Telescope).

Here is a snippet of who they are:

MyMoon is created by you (the Net Generation) and the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI). Joining us are lunar scientists, educators, engineers, artists, storytellers, and others to provide interactive information about the Moon and opportunities for you to be involved.

Here is what they said about the contest:

Participants were asked to submit their best and most interesting image that captures the character of their neighborhood and includes Earth's Moon.
Here is another snippet from the rules in their Flickr Group Discussion:
The submissions will be judged by the League of Extraordinary Lunar Scientists and Artists!

My photo came in second place:

Fireworks and Moon

Click photo to embiggen

Go to their Flickr group to view the competition that just wasn't good enough to beat my picture. (OK. One guy had a better shot.)

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