Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Minneapolis Skeptics Drinking Skeptically August Meet-Up

The next Minneapolis Skeptics Drinking Skeptically Meet-up is Thursday August 13, 2009. We start around 5:00 pm but you can come and go whenever. Most people filter out around 10:00 pm (likely due to the cafe closing around that time). RSVP at the Minneapolis Skeptics Meet-Up site. We don't typically have much for an agenda for this event. Last month met with the head of Twin Cities Coalition of Reason. We also discussed a wide variety of topics including: astrophysics, feminism, atheism, The Amazing Meeting 7, conspiracies and Kevin Trudeau. Come join the fun.

Here is the whole snippet:

We are back to our regularly scheduled Meet-Up day, the 2nd Thursday of the month. We had about 15 people at the July Meet-Up at the Common Roots Cafe. This is a good venue for a couple reasons. We get a private back room for free and they have decent food, beer and wine.

Those that attended the July Meet-Up agreed that Minneapolis Skeptics become a part of the United Coalition of Reason. I'll provide any updates I have from that group. I've also been in contact with the Twin Cities Skeptics group and will provide some updates on that. One thing you'll notice right away is that I will list their events on our calendar. You'll have a Meet-Up request for their next event shortly.

Other than those short items, there are no other official topics. Keep your eye on the news media and bring your best stories of woo woo and pseudoscience.


PS: Our fee for this Meet-Up service is due in August. It costs us (meaning Eric) $12 per month. Not a lot, actually. Less than a dollar per person per meeting. Please chip in what you can so we can continue to use Meet-Up.

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