Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Minneapolis Skeptics October Meet-Up Homeopathy

CH47 Chinook

We had another great Meet-Up in September. Thanks all who attended and brought their favorite 9/11 conspiracy theories.

A number of people suggested that we discuss homeopathic remedies at our October Meet-Up.

Here are a couple references for you:

If this link doesn't work, try going to and search for the term "homeopathy."

NeuroLogica Blog:

Marketers often misuse the term homeopathic. Find out how...

Go ahead and google search for it and feel free to bring links to the most outrageous claims you find.

Come and bring your favorite Homeopathic topic and let us know what you've learned about it. This is another casual drinking skeptically meet-up for our group. Common Roots opens the Common Room for us at 5pm. Many people filter in and out at various times so don't feel like you have to be there exactly at 5pm.

Join Meet-Up and RSVP for this Meet-Up

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