Monday, October 19, 2009

Minneapolis Skeptics and Twin Cities Skeptics Present: How the Perception of an Intact Body Can Go Awry

Twin Cities Skeptics and Minneapolis Skeptics present: “Phantom limbs, alien hand syndrome, the rubber hand illusion...How the Perception of an Intact Body Can Go Awry...” on October 24, 2009 at the Hennepin County Central Library.

This should be a fascinating lecture and discussion.

Here are some some snippets from Dr. Phelps:

I am going to talk about phantom limbs-the outcome that up to 70% of amputees will report that the missing limb "feels like it is still there"...
Secondly, I will talk about cases of alien hand syndrome in which brain injury in focused locations will result in a non-dominant arm and hand are complained about as being active by themselves, with the afflicted person reports the limb "does what it wants and I have no sense of control over it..."

Finally, I will talk about a popular research topic known as the rubber-hand illusion in which very simple and non-harmful procedures will result in "normal" individuals will come to report that an rubber hand, a Halloween store type prop, will be reported and perceived as being connected with and actually part of a person's body.
Dr. Brady J. Phelps is a Behavior Analyst at the University of South Dakota. He has published papers on a range of topics including substance abuse, Alzheimer's disease, Dissociative Identity Disorder and cognitive rehabilitation, all from a behavior analytic point of view and current has research programs in the following areas : Stimulus Control in the Rubber Hand Illusion as a Conditional Discrimination Hormonal and Circadian factors in Sleep Duration.

Go to the Minneapolis Skeptics' Meet-Up site for the full details, directions and to RSVP for the event.

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