Friday, December 25, 2009

Mully410 Flickr Views Top 80,000

Originally uploaded by Mully410

This week, my Flickr photos exceeded 80,000 views. Wow! Thanks for viewing. Here is a run-down of some interesting bits about the 1788 public photos I've published on my photostream.

The above photo, Whoville?, is the most viewed photo. There have been nearly 3000 views of it so far.

55 of my photos have been tagged as favorites by people I don't even know. Thanks everyone! Here is the most favorited photo:

Sad Face (Moon Jupiter and Venus)

This Venus, Jupiter Moon conjunction is also the most interesting of my photos according to Flickr and has the most comments. Click here to view my "other people's favorites" set.

This photo below of Minnesota Viking Chester Taylor is modified with tiltshift maker and is the most up voted of my posts on with 68 ups and 18 downs.


And finally, this is my most popular video posted on Flickr:

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