Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cigar Shaped UFO not

Don't forget...Minneapolis Skeptics Meet-Up on January 14:

We all had a great time at Be'Wiched Deli for our December meet-up. Thank you for attending and thank you Melissa for a tasty homemade treats. Common Roots is booked already for January so we'll try Be'Wiched again. Their service was great and the food was fantastic...they make their own pastrami. The only issue was that they close at 8pm but it didn't seem to bother many people. We can always walk across the street to Bunkers for more.

Some of you know I enjoy taking photographs. To those that don't know that consider this a shameless plug. On December 10, I saw this article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. It is supposedly a Bigfoot in northern Minnesota. There is even some skeptical commentary by local biologists (although they could have given them more space.) The spiral lights of Norway is another item that hit the new near the time I wrote this invite. There are countless credulous news stories including dubious eyewitness accounts and the standard fuzzy photos or video. At this January's meet-up, let's talk about our favorite interesting "sightings" of the strange. You don't have to bring an essay or anything but it might be interesting to think about a couple things: What could it be? Where would you go for verification? How could have the reporting been improved?

Please post links to news stories or photos in the comments for this meet-up so we can all share our thoughts when we meet.

In the mean time, check out my ghost girl, UFO, ghost battle and my short video.

Go here for the full details and to RSVP.

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