Friday, January 1, 2010

Mully410 Critical Blog - 2009 - Year in Review

Two Cardinals
Two Cardinals

Mully410 Critical Blog has been more popular than I had hoped last year. Since installing Google Analytics back on January 30, 2009, I've collected a number of interesting stats. Here is a rundown of the most interesting statistics for 2009:

Mully410 Critical Blog had 16,344 page views by 7804 unique visitors in 2009. I have 10 feed subscribers, 80 followers on Networked Blogs and 51 Facebook Fans. Mully410 also has 72 Twitter followers and most of them are not porno spammers.

The top 5 most viewed posts:
1. I See Hummingbirds - Ruby Throated Hummingbirds

2. Jesus' Brain - What is this?

3. Ban this Dangerous Killer Drug?

4. How to find Comet Lulin:

5. See Shuttle Endeavor and International Space Station Tonight
Of the 9607 site visits from 98 countries, the most came from people in the USA (6773). Next was Canada (770), UK (543), Australia (211) and India (105). Whoever visited 18 times from Lithuania had the highest average time on my blog at 21 minutes and 43 seconds.

The cities where the most views originated are: Minneapolis, MN; Circle Pines, MN; London, UK; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA. (I'm amazed by the level of detail Google provides for free.) Someone in Cheltenham, UK had the highest average time on my blog (one visit, four pages for 25 minutes).

The most traffic came from Thanks for voting my posts up there! The second most visitors came from Google searches. The most searched term was: Jeremiah 10:1-4 which leads to this post about Lord apparently hating Christmas trees. If you search Google for Mully410, you will get 12,100 listings!

I'm satisfied with the traffic on my blog, although this traffic report doesn't compare to the more than 80,000 views on my Flickr site. I don't allow any advertising and therefore don't make any money from my efforts. I plan to keep it that way because making money this way may turn a fun hobby into a job and I already have a job.

Thank you for viewing, clicking, reading, following and commenting!

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