Friday, February 5, 2010


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Today, my Flickr Photostream received its 100,000th view. It hasn't even been 2 years since I opened my account there. Here are some highlights:

This photo won 2nd place in the MyMoon photo contest sponsored by the Lunar and Planetary Institute.
Fireworks and Moon
Independence Moon
Read more about it here.

This photo has the most views at 2956 at the time of this post. I think it looks like something Dr. Seuss would invent.

"Gag Me" probably had the most meteoric rise in views in my photostream. It had over 2400 views in about 24 hours thanks mostly to the people on Reddit.
Gag Me
Gag Me

I made a photo book using pictures from this set of pics from the TCAAP Wildlife Viewing Area. I'm planning to redo some of the shots as best I can this summer with my new camera.

These 10 photos are my personal favorites for 2009:

All of these 13 photos have received over 1000 views by people other than my mom:

Thanks everyone for viewing. 2010 is going to be great year for making photographs!


  1. curious do you know when/if there is a scheduled tour for tcaap this spring??

  2. The national guard usually has an open house day in the spring. Not sure where you'd get a schedule for that. The friends of Ramsey county parks sometimes has birding and geology events back there.

  3. thanx for the help and nice pix!

  4. id post some of my pix from tcaap but i really dont want the govt showing up at my house? pretty neat buildings back there

  5. Hey Anonymous...not sure if you are still following this thread but the Harriet Alexander Nature Center in Roseville is sponsoring a birding walk within the TCAAP April 3, 2010. See Roseville parks and rec site. It's activity id 1255.103


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