Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Osprey Story

Osprey about to fly DSC_6493
I was out at the TCAAP Wildlife viewing area tonight. One of the local osprey stopped by and sat on a tree nearby.

Eventually, it decided it was time for dinner and took off.
Osprey in flight DSC_6494

It plunged into the water three times before it nabbed dinner.
Osprey taking a dip DSC_6513
Osprey Splash DSC_6523

It came back to the nearby tree but didn't feel comfortable eating in front of me and soon took its catch towards the nest.
Osprey ready to eat DSC_6537

As it left, it showed me its catch.
Raining Osprey DSC_6546
(The tiny sparkles are water shedding off the bird. The larger fuzzy blurs are from a cottonwood tree.)

On the way to the nest, a young eagle showed up. The osprey dived bombed it a few time and enlisted the help of its spouse.
Osprey takes on eagle DSC_6569
They both pestered the eagle until it retreated. Just before the eagle was out of sight, it took a plunge for its own dinner. Unfortunately, this took place directly into the sunlight so my photos didn't work.

Somewhere during the scuffle with the eagle, the osprey lost the fish.

Click on any of the photos to embiggen them or view the whole slide show including bonus photos below:

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