Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kestrel Close Up - University of Minnesota Raptor Center - Raptor Release Party

Kestrel Close Up DSC_7535
Originally uploaded by Mully410

This is an American Kestrel which resides with the University of Minnesota Raptor Center. The Raptor Center had their annual raptor release party yesterday. The brought a dozen or so birds that cannot survive in the wild to show everyone before they released some others.

This Kestrel shot is now my top viewed photo on my Flickr Photostream with almost 4000 views at the time of this post.

Below is the second most viewed photo on my photo stream. It is a Peregrine Falcon. It has over 3000 views.

Peregrine Spies Me DSC_7447

These two have pushed my total views very close to 140,000...

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