Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prints showing at Shoreview Community Center through December 27th

Broken Cone Flower DSC_4077
Originally uploaded by Mully410

I had these two photos printed, matted and framed for a Gallery 96 show at the Shoreview Community Center. The theme is Ramsey County Parks. Both of these shots were take this summer at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Wildlife View Area and will be upstairs in the glass cases at the community center until the end of December.

Stop by if you can. I think Broken Cone looks really cool with the dark green linen mat.

Evening Bridge DSC_1034

Evening Bridge

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why Demure Amur Won People's Choice

Yellow Ribbon Amur DSC_2511

This photo, Demure Amur, received the People's Choice Award at the Salon 300 - Minnesota State Fair Overflow 2010 show. That means it received more votes by the public than any of the 300+ other works at the show. Here is the story of the my journey from the Minnesota Zoo to award winning photographer.

One of my fellow members of the Twin Cities Photography Group suggested a better crop than my original so I had an 8x10 of this portrait printed, matted and framed for the 2010 Art-A-Whirl and the Gallery of Giving shows. During those shows, another member suggested it would look super cool on metallic paper so I had a 16x20 printed, matted and framed and entered it into the MN State Fair Fine Arts competition. The fair promptly rejected it but I guess that wasn't a big deal given the reviews that show got this year. The first 450 artists who were rejected by the fair and picked up a form got the opportunity to show their rejects at the Hopkins Center for the Arts Salon 300.

The Salon 300 - Minnesota State Fair Overflow 2010 show is held during the Minnesota State Fair. There were all kinds of art in this show including everything from wood working, sculpture, painting and crafts. However, the vast majority of works seemed to photography.

Once I dropped it off at that show, I engage my social media machine and bugged everyone to get out and vote.

So, thank you Todd and Shayne for the technical and creative assistance. Thank you Twin Cities Photography Group for inspiration and encouragement. Thank you to all my friends and family for support and thank you to everyone who voted especially my mom and dad for bringing all their friends!

My Leopard DSC07574 at the Salon 300 show

HopkinsCFTA People's Choice screenshot of the HCA web page

Here are some technical details of the original photo:
Taken on 2-6-2010 at 12:07pm CST
Nikon D5000 with Nikkor 70-300mm f4.5/5.6 IF-ED AF-S VR Zoom
1/200 sec
ISO 1600
+1 EV

Friday, September 24, 2010


Torso DSC_3769
Originally uploaded by Mully410

This is my favorite self portrait. I just had an 8x8 print made and framed and think it looks really interesting. I've finally filled in the back story on this photo so if you are interested, click on it and read about it on my Flickr site.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Night Shots at the Minnesota State Fair 2010

Upside Down DSC_1402
Upside Down
by Mully410

I returned to the Minnesota State Fair Sunday night. It was the first time that I visited the fair twice in one year. This time I was with a group from the Twin Cities Photography Group. We all brought our tripods with the goal of capturing some cool night shots.

The above shot, Upside Down, was taken just before all the lights came on in the midway. The sunset was particularly interesting. The landscape below took a lot of patience to get the green spinny thing in full cycle. This shot was taken atop the stairway next to the grandstand.

Full Spin DSC_1466
Full Spin
by Mully410

Ferris Wheel DSC_1539
Ferris Wheel
by Mully410

I took a bunch of shot of this Ferris wheel. It was fun figuring out which exposures worked best. This shot is my favorite because it isn't a whole cycle of the ride and composition is interesting.

This last shot was kind of a mistake but I like it anyway. I spent a good half hour or more trying various compositions and exposures to capture this ride. This is probably my last shot. Apparently, I didn't realize the shutter was open and so moved the tripod around and got the interesting blurs.

Green Movement DSC_1598
Green Movement
by Mully410

See these and 121 other photos from my trips to the fair here.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mully410 Achieves 200,000+ Views on Flickr

Kestrel Close Up DSC_7535
Kestrel Close Up

Mully410's Flickr photostream attained a huge milestone today. Sometime around 2pm CDT someone clicked on one of my photos for the 200,000th time. Wow! 75,000 views since April.

The above photo, Kestrel Close Up, is my most viewed shot. 10,458 views as of now. I took it at the spring raptor release party hosted by the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota. My second most viewed photos is this dorky donkey sign which has 5977 views and was shot at the Minnesota State Fair 2010:


This peregrine falcon is a rescued bird at the Raptor Center of the University of Minnesota. I also took this shot at the spring raptor release party. It's the 3rd most viewed shot in my collection at 4383 views.

Peregrine Spies Me DSC_7447

Flickr tracks photos with a thing they call "interestingness." It's some sort of combination of views, favorites and comments. I find Flickriver the easiest way for you to see what Flickr considers are my photos with the most interestingness:

I have 26 photos and 1 video with over 1000 views.

These 132 photos and one video are all tags by other people as their favorites.

These five photos have won various awards so that makes me an award winning photographer, right?

Last but not least, these are my personal favorites from far.

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