Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Night Shots at the Minnesota State Fair 2010

Upside Down DSC_1402
Upside Down
by Mully410

I returned to the Minnesota State Fair Sunday night. It was the first time that I visited the fair twice in one year. This time I was with a group from the Twin Cities Photography Group. We all brought our tripods with the goal of capturing some cool night shots.

The above shot, Upside Down, was taken just before all the lights came on in the midway. The sunset was particularly interesting. The landscape below took a lot of patience to get the green spinny thing in full cycle. This shot was taken atop the stairway next to the grandstand.

Full Spin DSC_1466
Full Spin
by Mully410

Ferris Wheel DSC_1539
Ferris Wheel
by Mully410

I took a bunch of shot of this Ferris wheel. It was fun figuring out which exposures worked best. This shot is my favorite because it isn't a whole cycle of the ride and composition is interesting.

This last shot was kind of a mistake but I like it anyway. I spent a good half hour or more trying various compositions and exposures to capture this ride. This is probably my last shot. Apparently, I didn't realize the shutter was open and so moved the tripod around and got the interesting blurs.

Green Movement DSC_1598
Green Movement
by Mully410

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