Friday, December 17, 2010

Coyotes at the TCAAP WVA

Three Coyote Sunset DSC_7568
by Mully410 * Images

If you know me or follow this blog even occasionally, you know I spend a lot of time at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant Wildlife Viewing Area. Now that it's winter here in Minnesota, I don't bike there everyday. Besides, the sun is set before I leave work everyday.

I had another obligations that allowed me to cut out of work early so I took the opportunity to head to the TCAAP WVA after that. If you are not from around here or live in a cave or something, we got 17 inches of snow last weekend during a pretty heavy blizzard. High winds. Low Temps. The works. As I drove along the street to the parking lot, I glanced out at Marsden Lake and noticed what I thought were dogs on the ice. Well, there shouldn't be any domestic dogs inside the barbed-wire fence. These must be coyotes!

I quickly parked and much to my chagrin, the trail was not cleared of snow. It only took a nano-second (approximately) for me to decide to hoof it through the 3 foot drifts. I didn't bother with the boots, warm pants, hand warmers and other cold weather gear because, after all, there was wildlife that needed photographing...quick like. (two step in and my short hiking boots and socks were full of snow)

The shot above shows the best shot I got with all three coyotes. Click on any of the images to embiggen. Here are two of them running on the lake:

Iced Coyotes DSC_7575

They ended up working their way towards me but "my spot" is still about a quarter to a half mile away. These two investigated that small dark spot in the center right of this shot below:

Two Searching DSC_7593

Then they approached even closer:

Coyote Gold DSC_7622

I didn't mess with the color in shot with any software. The sunset lit up the ice and snow all by itself.

Here's a nearly 100% crop for a better look. I might be able to get a decent 8x10 but I'm not sure.

Looking Back DSC_7628


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