Thursday, December 9, 2010

Deer Hunt 2010

Near CCC Camp DSC_5742
Sunset Near CCC Camp
by Mully410 * Images

I'm sorry that it took so long to get around to posting about the deer hunt this year. I was an interesting year for a number of reasons: we only had 4 people with us this year (last year we had 9) and this was the first year I had my DSLR. There was a constant battle in my mind on whether or not to focus on the hunt or bushwhack with the rifle and the camera.

We hunt on public land so "our spots" are sometimes occupied by other hunters. This year my preferred spot had a car parked nearby so I moved to another spot. I walked into the woods and encounter 2 more hunters within a few minutes so I turned around. I walked up the road and tried another spot. Within 100 yards or so, I saw another hunter so I turned around. It was about 9am before I found a lame spot near the road...low expectations. Within a couple minutes of sitting down two trumpeter swans flew by me and a red fox jogged past. I left the Nikon in the car! Within 10 minutes of sitting down on the first day a nice sized 9 point buck appeared. One shot from the front and through the lungs brought him down about 100 yards from me.

Here is the set of my favorite photos from this year's hunt. (there only one with the dead deer).

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