Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Bryant 90i Furnace Burned

Burned DSC07742
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This is a shot of the $480 circuit board in my Bryant 90i furnace. I woke up last Thursday to the smell of smoldering plastic. I searched the house and couldn't find an obvious culprit. My first thought was another compact florescent bulb melting like what happened last time.

I had to get to work and didn't want to come back to a burned up house so I called 911. The fire department showed up with a thermal imager and scanned the entire house. They checked the appliances, the rats nest of cables behind my home theater and all the computers and found nothing.

Pretty soon, I had 6 firefighters and 3 deputy sheriffs sniffing the heating vents throughout the house. Eventually one of them pulled open the furnace panel and saw a blinking light. We tested it by cranking up the thermostat but it wouldn't fire up. They turned it off and told me to call for repairs. It was about 8:30am or so.

The whole house smell of burnt plastic for days.

By 6:30pm when the furnace repair guys showed up, it was 51F in parts of the house. They quickly found the melted circuit board and wiring harness. I was told that this is rare yet they had a replacement board in their truck. They didn't have a wire harness but managed to jury rig the old one so the furnace will function until they received the replacement harness from the factory.

I'm disappointed in my 6 year old furnace. I spent way more than I had to get the most energy efficient furnace available at the time. I suspect all the money I "saved" with this new furnace was wiped out by this $900 repair. I emailed Bryant with the link to this post. I'll keep you posted.

Burned DSC07738

Burned DSC07741

(after you read this go here for the update)


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