Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shooting Blue Jays in my Backyard

Blue Jay Spread DSC_0465
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Two weeks ago, I shared how I learned to make better photographs of birds in flight. This weekend it was sunny with single digit Fahrenheit temps and a below 0 wind chills so I stayed inside again.

One of the things eating away at me was the shallow depth-of-field I was getting by shooting wide-open with a fast shutter. Since I had plenty of light today, I tried something different. I switched to Manual and set my shutter at 1/1500 and f/8 and let the D5000 bump up the ISO as needed. According to my DOF calculator app, I should have about a foot of DOF. I almost never shoot in manual mode unless I shoot long exposures at night so I feel kind of proud of myself that this worked out.

The shot of the Blue Jay above is my favorite of today. I cropped it, added a little sharpening and some noise reduction.

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