Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bryant is the Best Furnace Company Ever

I have good news about my melted/burned furnace problem.

Soon after Standard Heating and Air Conditioning replace my melted circuit board and wire harness, I wrote a letter (feedback form on the website) to the manufacturer, Bryant. The letter was carefully crafted to be factual, professional, personal and polite. I simply explained what happened, added some questions, wondered about the future reliability and mentioned that my father was considering a new furnace.

Within 24 hours, I received an acknowledgment from Bryant and an email from the local distributor that supplies Standard. We exchanged a number of polite emails and once the distributor saw the damage he agreed to compensate me for the faulty equipment.

This is not the first time a manufacturer "made right" with me due to a faulty product. You've read about my compact florescent that burned. GE ended up sending me an $8 coupon for some new bulbs and a pre-paid package to send the bad bulb to their lab. Many years ago I had a Sony STR-DA80ES home theater receiver. It was very expensive (for me) and ended up crapping out a month before the 5 year warranty expired. The service company had it for 2 months without giving me an update so I wrote to Sony. Within a few HOURS of writing that note, a man from Sony's corporate service called and offered a brand new STR-DA5000ES as a replacement because they didn't make the parts for the 80 anymore.

Lesson: Be polite. Be factual. Make it personal. Don't bitch and swear.

I'm still awaiting the exact amount of my refund/credit from Bryant so I'll update this later if you are interested.

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